Our Story

Everything must evolve to survive. With technology advancing our world, this is certainly true of today’s modern families and the companies in which service them.

In January of 2011, a father of six was looking for a solution to the problem – how to keep track of his kids chore responsibilities, reward a weekly allowance and teach them the basic financial principles surrounding earning, saving, sharing and spending money wisely. Out of this necessity My Job Chart was born and immediately became one of the most popular family tools to help parents teach their children about work ethic and managing money.

Nearly six years later and evolution is knocking on the door. Technology has advanced allowing a car to drive itself, a private message to automatically disappear in seconds and money move from account to account over any mobile device. Technology evolved, families evolved, and so, My Job Chart had to evolve.

We welcome you to BusyKid, the first online chore chart where kids can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance wisely. BusyKid will replace My Job Chart though it uses a similar platform that promotes work ethic, responsibility, accountability and smart money management. However, BusyKid is much easier to use, more robust and allows kids to receive a real weekly allowance from their parents as quickly as answering a text message.

BusyKid is now the featured product of LeapSpring, Inc., a company committed to helping parents raise their kids in a positive and productive environment. After all, the LeapSpring team consists entirely of parents, who know the challenges of raising modern kids first hand and understand that evolving is just part of living.

Executive Team

Gregg Murset, Co-Founder & CEO

The inventor of My Job Chart and father of six, Gregg is a Certified Financial Planner and consultant who has become a leading advocate for sound parenting, child accountability and financial literacy. In 2014, he was named Chairman of 2014 “Smart Money Week” for the state of Arizona, as well as, the National Financial Educators Council Financial Education Instructor of the Year. A firm believer that financial education should be a priority in our schools, Gregg has conducted hundreds of media interviews pushing inclusion or parental involvement. Gregg also isn’t afraid to promoting change through his actions. In 2014 Gregg took his family on a pair of RV trips where they traveled nearly 10,000 miles in 31 days. Along the way the Murset’s performed normal household chores for families in need and organizations requesting volunteers. Overall they stopped in 22 different cities in 27 states. Gregg is considered a pillar of his Arizona community and is regularly attending his kids sporting events or taking them on weekend camping trips.

Mike Prusinski, Co-Founder & President

As a father of three, Mike has learned how to juggle all life has offer. For more than 30 years he has been involved in public relations, marketing and strategic business decisions for some of the most successful college, professional sport and corporate organizations. Always thinking “big picture”, Mike loves to get his hands dirty especially when facing big challenges. He joined BusyKid n 2013 after seven years as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for LifeLock. During his tenure, he helped transform the company into one of the fastest growing in the U.S., for which he was honored with an International Business Award. Prior to LifeLock, he spent years working with NASCAR, the PGA TOUR and several major university sports programs. It’s his unique background that drives his passion for building winning teams, playing fair and setting a game plan to outscore the opposition.