New View of Summer Jobs for Kids

By Gregg Murset | May 9, 2017

For generations when school let out for summer vacation teens left the classroom and headed for local restaurants, gas stations, swimming pools and grocery stores to earn spending money at a summer job. But, the percentage of kids working over the summer has dropped. Read More

How to Help Your Children Create Financial Goals

By Gregg Murset | April 17, 2017

Children learn better by hands on activities. Help them set financial goals and achieve those goals. Read examples of financial goals for your kids of various ages and how to help them set goals. Read More

6 Family Goals to Set During Financial Literacy Month

By Gregg Murset | April 7, 2017

Setting goals as a family opens up several learning opportunities as parents and children learn and accomplish together. Read these 6 family goals that will help you grow closer as you develop important values together. Read More

Is Your Family Financially Illiterate?

By Gregg Murset | April 3, 2017

Nearly one quarter of US states receive a failing grade when it comes to teaching kids personal finance in schools. Twelve states don’t attempt to teach it at all. Read More