BusyKid is a revolutionary system that will teach your children how to earn, save, share, spend and invest. By helping around the house, your children can earn real money and make key decisions on what to do with everything they’ve earned. A Family Membership is only $1/month, so enroll now and let your children:

  • EARN Allowance
  • SAVE Money
  • DONATE To Charities
  • BUY Shares of Real Stock
  • BUY Gift Cards
  • DO Pre-Loaded Chores/Activities
  • BUILD Important Character Traits
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Advanced Technology

Families can now use advanced technology to teach children the basic principles of personal finance.

Automatic Paydays

Children get a weekly Payday and money is automatically divided into Save, Share and Spend buckets.

Parent Approval Texts

SMS text messages make approving chores, allowance and purchases simple as yes and no!

Kids Make Decisions

Children learn best by doing, so now they get experience deciding how to spend, donate, invest and save their allowance.

Allowance Simplified

BusyKid is easy for the entire family! We have simplified every step and even preset chores & allowance based upon the age of your children.


Your child will see immediately how much money they have saved on our automated bank.


Now your child can make weekly donations to their favorite charities and learn how to help others.


Allowance can be spent on gift cards from hundreds of outlets, including Amazon, iTunes. McDonald’s and Toys-R-Us.

Learning Valuable Lessons

BusyKid puts technology to work so your children can build the important values needed as adults – work ethic, responsibility and accountability. Enroll your entire family for only $1/month.


Just about everything. While BusyKid stays in line with basic chore charts, we have spent nearly a year building a modern platform that can be used on every mobile device. BusyKid is also the very first system that pays real allowance directly from parents and lets children decide how to save, share, spend or invest.
Yes. BusyKid allows a child to complete chores/activities for real allowance. No more points, IOU’s, stickers or cartoon characters. Children learn best by doing, so finishing chores and activities for allowance teaches children many valuable lessons they will need to know as adults.
Yes. Through advanced technology, BusyKid links your bank account to our platform in order to make paying allowance simple. No more converting points or trying to figure out how much to pay each child. BusyKid does it all for you!
There are three options – Cash Out, Gift Cards or Stock. To Cash Out, your child just presses the “cash out” button and money moves back to the parent account. Then the parent provides the cash due or makes a purchase for the child. To buy a Gift Card, the child selects the company and put in the amount to be placed on the card. The bought card will be stored in the “My Cards” area of the “Spend” page. To buy Stock, your child will do the same as buying a gift card. The stock will be kept in the “My Stock” area of the “Save” page.
Yes. Your child is buying fractional shares of real stock which can increase or decrease in value. Your child will also be able to sell this stock (with parental approval) when the time is right.
No. When your child selects the stock to be purchased, a parent will be asked to open a custodial account through our partner Stockpile. It’s also important to remember that there are small fees ($2.99) for each transaction.
It’s really up to the parent. We have preset the percentages, but you can change them by pressing the “Edit Allocation Settings” on your child’s page in the parent portal.
Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. So we have provided parents, grandparents or anyone else the opportunity to give a cash bonus to a child who goes above and beyond. A “Bonus” is a one-time payment for doing better than expected. Because a “Bonus” is outside the normal allowance window, it might take a day or two before it shows up in the child account.
Yes. Through the parent portal, just pick a child and press the “Add Chores” button. It’s a very simple process. You can also delete a chore or activity, by selecting it and pressing delete when prompted.
All chores and activities start in the “Daily” position, but you can make them “Once” or “Weekly”. If you pick “Once” or “Weekly”, you’ll need to select the actual days.
Recent U.S. studies show that parents are paying an average of $65 a month for completed chores. However, you should set up a schedule and allowance which fits your family lifestyle and budget.
Each chore or activity already has a recommended allowance based upon the age of your child. However, you can change this amount at anytime by simply deleting the preset amount showing and inserting a new amount.
Yes. However, we have made paying your children allowance extremely simple. For your child, it’s basically direct deposit – another term they will need to know later as adults.
We have removed the guesswork from assigning chores by recommending plenty by age. As your child gets older, new chores and activities will be automatically uploaded. It’s also easy to add your own chores or activities inside the parent portal.